The Strength Behind the Strong website. Proudly supporting our friends and family in the U.S. military, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.


The Strength Behind The Strong was founded by Christine Hofmann-Bourque, who is proud to have a husband in the Army, three brothers in the Navy and Army, and a sister-in-law in the Army. Christine is also a professional journalist. Read our first post to find out why this website is so close to her heart. More >>

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Who Is The Strength Behind the Strong?
It’s anyone who gives their loved ones in the military hope, encouragement, and behind-the-scenes support. It’s everyone who’s ever mailed a care package, thrown a welcome-home-from-deployment party, or thanked a soldier in an airport for their service. It’s the best friends, neighbors, mothers, cousins, siblings, children, and coworkers of our men and women in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. 

In other words, you are The Strength Behind the Strong. 

And you are our inspiration. Let us help you navigate the challenging, inspiring, unpredictable, noble world of caring for someone in the military.

Tell Me More
What you’ll find on this website: the best, most imaginative, and practical ideas for staying connected with and supporting our troops, whether they’re in boot camp, training out of state, or deployed overseas. Think cookies that travel best in care packages, welcome-home party ideas, and gifts that make a difference to children left behind. And because our favorite colors are red, white, and blue, we’ll also delve into Americana: flags, iconic products, and whatever else tickles our patriotic fancy.

What you won’t find here: political analysis or pontificating. We’ll leave that to (fill in your favorite newspaper or television show). 

The Writer (and strictly amateur photographer)
The Strength Behind The Strong was started by Christine Hofmann-Bourque, who is proud to have a husband in the Army; a sister-in-law in the Army; three brothers in the Navy and Army (plus a fourth brother who served in the Navy until 2008); and a cousin in the Navy. Among them, they’ve done
eight tours in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan. 

Christine and her husband, Kyle, in 2007, a few days after he returned from his first deployment to Iraq.

When she’s not obsessing about new ideas for care packages, Christine is a freelance writer focusing on topics that include residential architecture, interior design, real estate, personal finance, antiques, travel, food, and more. You’ll find her byline in magazines and books.

She loves hearing (and telling) other people’s stories. If you have a topic you’d like us to cover, email Christine at christinestrength [at] me [dot] com.