New! Show off our fun, fabulous (and free!) website buttons
September 17, 2010
Christine Hofmann-Bourque in Free, Fun, Milblogs

Go ahead, grab us! Or at least grab our buttons! If you have a blog or website — and you like ours — please check out our fun new buttons. Show the world that you are The Strength Behind the Strong! Head over to our “Grab our buttons” page to pick your favorite. Each one (shown below) represents a different branch of the military. (Why are there two Navy buttons? Read our “Grab our buttons” page for the family drama behind the color picks.) Coming soon, we’ll have a page of our favorite buttons from other websites. Enjoy!

 Image of's logo in red, white and blue, followed by the logo rendered in the colors of the various branches of the U.S. Military. Army (green and gold), Navy (navy blue and gold, and navy blue and sky blue), Air Force (sky blue and pale blue), Marine Corps (red and gold), and Coast Guard (warm blue and orange). From


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