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The Strength Behind The Strong was founded by Christine Hofmann-Bourque, who is proud to have a husband in the Army, three brothers in the Navy and Army, and a sister-in-law in the Army. Christine is also a professional journalist. Read our first post to find out why this website is so close to her heart. More >>

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LIFT Up Your Voice: Help nominate the military family for TIME magazine’s 2011 Person of the Year

Military spouse Kristen Tsetsi thinks big: She recently launched a grassroots effort to get the editors of TIME magazine to consider the military family for its 2011 Person of the Year. Kristen’s LIFT project — short for “Like” It for TIME — aims to harness the power of social media by accumulating thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers, thereby grabbing the attention of TIME.  

Why the military family? The LIFT website explains:

Since TIME Magazine’s first issue in 1927, through all the wars, the military family has never been Person of the Year. After a decade of wars in the Middle East, it’s TIME.

Rudy Giuliani was chosen for Person of the Year following the September 11 attacks because he “embodied what was really most important, what we learned about ourselves, which was that we could recover,” a TIME editor explained.

The military family embodies what is most important, what we learned about ourselves, after a decade of war and multiple deployments: undeniable resilience and dogged support through year after year of painful, and sometimes permanent, family separations.

There are several ways you can support the LIFT campaign: 

  1. On Facebook, ‘Like’ the page “Like” It for TIME
  2. On Twitter, follow “Like” It for TIME.
  3. On Friday, March 4 (that’s in two days), participate in a letter-writing campaign to TIME magazine. Write and snail mail your own letter explaining why the military family should be considered, or download this form letter to jump-start your prose. 

For all the details on the LIFT campaign, visit


Be One of the Few, the Proud, the Marine Corps Marathon Runners!

Need a training goal to get you up off the couch? Registration opens today for the 36th Marine Corps Marathon, which will be run on Sunday, October 30, 2011. For supporters of our military men and women, the Marine Corps Marathon is an inspiring event. Don’t wait to sign up: In 2010, the race reached its capacity in just six days.


Military bumper stickers: Thumbs up or thumbs down? Vote now!

Some couples fight about money or religion or who ate the last chocolate chip cookie. My husband and I argue over military bumper stickers and car magnets. I love them, he doesn’t. So, naturally, what was one of the first things I did when my soldier left on his first tour to Iraq? I put this sticker on my car window: “1/2 my heart is in Iraq.”

This is my (not-so-clean) Subaru sporting a "1/2 my heart is in Iraq" decal in 2006. Want one of your own? You can buy it — or one that is for Afghanistan — from loved that sticker. In a strange way, it helped me feel connected to Kyle. But — and I’m not exaggerating — within 12 hours of my husband returning home from his tour, he’d scraped that sticker off our car. Any subsequent attempts by me to sneak a red-white-and-blue magnet or decal onto the car have been quickly thwarted.

While shopping last week at Hanscom Air Force Base just north of Boston, I found myself looking longingly at these bumper stickers, below. I love their strong colors and patriotic imagery. I feel my heart swell with gratefulness when I see signs like these on anyone’s car or truck or minivan. 

Photograph of a red Subaru with a sticker in the back window. Large detail overlay of sticker which shows a heart, red on the left side, camouflage on the right and the words '1/2 my heart is in Iraq.' From

Image of three military support bumper stickers: My daughter is in the Air Force; My brother is a Marine; My son is in the Navy. From

This Memorial Day weekend, tell us: Do you wear your military pride on your bumper, or do you prefer a more low-key approach? Vote below.

And if you would like one of the three stickers shown above, post a comment here by midnight on Monday, May 31. (The stickers are great taped to a door or tacked to a bulletin board if you don’t want to put them on a car.) Be sure to tell us which sticker you want. Three entries (one for each sticker) will be selected at random. Happy Memorial Day!