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Praying It Forward: An Alabama woman supports our troops with help from up above

Little gestures can have a big impact on our troops and their families. Linda Burrowes of Alabama reminded us so sweetly of that this week. She keeps a prayer list, she says, that includes the names of some of our military she has met in her travels: 

This past summer I was flying to see my mother as she was critically ill. There was a soldier sitting across from me in the terminal, and I asked where he was going. He was home for two weeks and [then would be] returning to Afghanistan for another six months. I asked his name and told him I would pray for him. He shook my hand and told me how much he appreciated it. Another time we ran into a mother and son whose husband/father just left for Iraq that day, and I prayed for him for the year he was gone. I’ll never see these people again, but I feel that my prayers will help them come home safely (or at least I would like to think so!) ... Every morning I have a prayer list and pray for them and the other needs my family and friends have.

Linda also keeps a toy soldier on her desk at work so our troops remain in her thoughts. Many blessings to Linda who is truly The Strength Behind the Strong.